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When you’re searching “Water Heater Repair Glendale” One Call Plumbing Services can help get your hot water going again anywhere in Glendale, Arizona.  Water heaters wear out over time and the hard water we have in Arizona is hard on them.  If your hot water heat isn’t working or your water isn’t getting hot enough give us a call for hot water heater repair.

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We are a local family owned and operated plumbing company that treats our customers like the neighbors, friends, and family they are.  We pride ourselves on being punctual, accurately diagnosing the problem, and above all being honest with every customer about what the most cost effective water heater repair solution will be.  We offer affordable water heater repair, get the job done right, and clean up the work area to leave your house clean.

Water Heater Problems

Water Heater Problems Chandler

When you are having problems with your water heater in Glendale, Arizona, it usually means you don’t have hot water for your laundry, dishwasher, shower, bath, or anything else you need hot water for.  Don’t delay calling for repair!  We have been repairing water heaters in Arizona for longer than a decade and our fully licensed and insured plumbers have even more experience.  If your water heater is beyond repair we offer water heat replacement.  No matter what the problem is we will get the hot water running again for all of your hot water needs!

Water Heater Repair

Water Heater Repair Chandler

Broken water heaters usually mean cold showers and no hot water for doing dishes or laundry.  If you have noticed that your hot water isn’t as hot as it was or is running out too fast you should have it looked at. Many hot water heater repairs include minor repairs, parts, and labor. This means that in a lot of cases new hot water heaters will not be needed. Our highly trained technicians know the best ways to save old water heaters. We will do everything that is reasonable and cost effective before recommending a new water heater.


There are many times signs that your water heater is struggling before you have no hot water. Watch for some of these signs to help prevent one of those cold showers when your water heater isn’t working:












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We service all brands of water heaters.  One Call Plumbing Services offers prompt and reliable repair and we stand behind our work with a guarantee for a full two years.  We maintain an A+ rating with the BBB® by striving to offer Arizona’s most professional and friendly hot water repair service.  We know that customer satisfaction is achieved by offering affordable written repair estimates, flat rate pricing, and durable repairs.  Ask about our discounts for veterans and seniors!


We strive to ensure that every customer is completely satisfied with every hot water heater repair call, no matter how small or big the job.  Our goal is to be the only call needed when hot water heater repair is needed in Glendale, Arizona.  Our satisfied customers come from welcoming service feedback and guaranteeing your satisfaction.


Water heaters come in various types and designs between brands. Having highly trained and experienced repair technicians is the only way to know what can be fixed, and when it is more cost effective to install a new hot water heater.  Our team will come to your home or business to figure out what is wrong with your unit and provide you with the most transparent options for repairs or replacement.


Our team will break down repair costs for what is wrong with your water heater and what it would cost to install a new water heater.  This way you will know what the best decision is for your property.  There are many minor repairs that will not cost much and extend the life of your hot water heater.  Other types of repair become so costly that simply installing a new hot water heater is more cost effective and will save you money!

Water Heater Installation

Chandler Water Heater Installation


Whether you need a new hot water heater installed in an old home or are building a new home and need it done we can help!  Hot water isn’t optional in homes or many businesses today and we know the best brands and models that will fit your needs.

One Call Plumbing Services will install your hot water heater and any new plumbing that is needed for water or natural gas.  Our technicians have the right training, wealth of experience, and correct tools to get the job done right, the first time. For new build or if you want your water heater moved we start with planning the route for any pipes you will need and then install the best option for your new water heater.

Water Heater Repair

Repair Water Heater Chandler


Hot water heaters end up needing repairs for a variety of reasons.  Many times age is a factor along with problems with water quality, hard water, and electrical problems.  Parts wear out over time and break which means needing to replace for your hot water heater to work correctly.

Generally hot water heater repairs are simple and customers will not need new water heaters.  Our team strives to offer the most cost effective repair solutions and will offer options for repair or replacement so you know which works best for you!

Water Heater Replacement

Replace Water Heater Chandler

Water heaters today usually carry warranties that last about 6 to 12 years.  Homes that are 10 years old or more and have their original water heater are likely to need a new hot water heater soon.  We always attempt to repair a hot water heater instead of rushing to recommend replacement. There are times where repair will cost as much ore more than replacement and isn’t in our customer’s best interest.

For repair calls where replacement is the most cost effective solution we can help you choose the best option for your home or business.  We can help you get a new unit that offers more hot water with higher capacity and will mean that no one has to have that “last to shower” half cold experience.


There are 3 main categories of hot water heaters: traditional hot water heaters ran by gas or electric, solar hot water heaters, and tankless hot water heaters.  These vary by the source of energy for heating water, and when they heat the water.

Traditional Water Heaters

Traditional hot water heaters use gas or electric to heat your water and then store it hot for when you need it. The large majority of homes in Arizona have traditional hot water heaters.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless hot water heaters differ from all other units in that they do not store hot water.  Water is heated on when you need it so there is no large tank of hot water in your home.

Solar Water Heaters

More and more Arizona residents are realizing the benefits and savings of solar hot water heaters.  Most solar hot water heater designs store hot water for when you need it.


You have your choice of water heater brands with One Call Services. You can choose your water heater brand from the list below. Some have different designs and warranty duration. We will help you with any questions you might have so you can make the best investment.


Water Heater Plumbers ChandlerWe want you to be completely satisfied with each and every repair call, no matter how big or small. We put the customer first and work to be the first call, and the only call you need when you have water heater repair needs in the Phoenix metro area. We get this done by welcoming feedback and guaranteeing satisfaction.

If you need water heater repair in Chandler, Arizona or anywhere in the Phoenix valley simply make that One Call. We can help you with all of your water heater repair, no job too small or big. We offer water heater repair, replacement, and installation. We work on all systems, including solar, gas, electric, traditional and tankless water heaters. To schedule your service it is as easy as one call – 480-ONE-CALL.

We respect One Call Services. Had a major water leak in our water heater pressure relief valve and called this company. The sales/support staff were incredibly helpful and were able to get a technician out that day. Matt, the technician, was superb. He was very knowledgeable, credible, and helpful. He offered several different options and provided us with stellar service. In addition, he was available the very next day to answer extra questions we hadn’t thought of when he was there. Highly recommend and respect this company for their amazing staff!Jen B.



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When you're searching "Water Heater Repair Glendale" One Call Plumbing Services can help get your hot water going again anywhere in Glendale, Arizona. Water heaters wear out over time and the hard water we have in Arizona is hard on them. If your hot water heat isn't working or your water isn't getting hot enough give us a call for hot water heater repair.