If you’re searching for “Sewer Line Repair Mesa” or “Sewer Line Replacement Mesa” you have probably experienced some kind of back up in your home or business. One Call Services is proud to offer our plumbing services to Mesa and the surrounding cities in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area.

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  1. If you have had cracked sewer pipes:
  2. Sewer-line damage – Common Causes:
  3. Learn what the signs of a broken pipe are:
  4. The most common signs that your pipe is broken:
  5. What is the reason that pipes burst or crack?
  6. Solutions for broken sewer-line:
  7. Replacement of the sewer-line:

One Call Services:

Is the Sewer-Line Repair & Replacement Specialists are located in Maricopa, and we service all of the greater Phoenix, AZ area.

Our trusted plumbing professionals are available 24/7.

If you have had cracked sewer pipes:

You already know how expensive it is to have them repaired, yet, they definitely have to be fixed or it will end up creating even more costly damage to your property, and that is not all, it can cause some very serious health issues. Fortunately, ‘One Call Services’ is a local quality plumbing service and your source of repairs anytime you need them. Our professionals are available 24/7 to service your sewer pipe issues.

Are you in need of sewer repair? Or maybe you just have some questions, if so, give us a call right away at (480) One-Call:

We can get you a free estimate on your sewer-line repair or replacement. Call us or drop in to see us at either of our locations in the Valley.

Sewer-line damage – common causes:

  • Sometimes the water temperature exceeds the regulated rating limits, when this happens it can cause the PVC/ABS plastic pipes to start cracking.
  • If your pipes are cast iron they are open to having rust, corrosion, and eventually, a pipe break-down.

If the clay pipers are not installed correctly they can begin to dry out and become brittle, cracking in many different areas.

Generally, it does not matter what type of pipes you have, nor what they are made of, they are still susceptible to cracking anytime there is an outer (ground) and inner water pressure build-up.

Learn what the signs of a broken pipe are:

  • Worried about those tree roots destroying the lateral?
  • Do you feel you may have a busted sewer pipe?
  • Is there excess sewage water on your property?

If you can answer ‘Yes’ – to any of the things listed above it is never a good idea to put off having this checked out, wait no longer – call us today. We can get your sewer problem back on track for you, whether it is collapsed, deformed, cracked, or you have sewer pipes that are broken. We have theskills to quickly and efficiently take care of your problem for you. There may be times when a sewage problem is more noticeable than others, and there are other times when being able to tell may be a bigger task, as they will not be so obvious.

The most common signs that your pipe is broken:

  • A sewer odor lingering in any or all of the following: yard, basement, other areas on your property.
  • You have had a sewage back-up in your tub and/or toilet.
  • Your tub or sinks are draining slower than usual, or not at all.
  • The toilet does not get as much water in it as it should.
  • Odd gurgling sounds coming from your toilets and/or sinks.

If you have come across any of the items listed above you need to call us as soon as possible to schedule a time to have it looked at, and if you do need a sewer-line repair or replacement, it would be best to get it taken care of quickly.

Give us a call today at ‘One Call Services’ (480) One-Call.

What is the reason that pipes burst or crack?

  •  Poor maintenance, or none at all.
  •  Sewer pipes, holes, or joints, are plug with tree roots.
  • A build-up from one or all of these: grease, oil, debris, hair, toilet paper sludge, etc.
  • Ground is freezing up and thawing regularly.
  • The current sewers pipe design was poorly done, poor installation, or a poor layout.
  • The sewer pipes have been wearing out due to how long ago they were put in.
  • There is a back-up coming from the city’s sewer-line.
  • There is heavy construction close by, been some earth; movement close by, earthquakes, and etc.

Solutions for broken sewer-line:

 A plumbing and sewer-line repair professional can assess any cracks or other damage that you might have. And even though your property and your sewer-line are unique, it could end up being something basic which can be fixed with small repairs.

Included in those sewer issues are:

Preventative maintenance:

 This should have been being done all the time anyway. Regular inspections and a few scheduled drain cleaning services are a must all the time, which could have prevented the problems you are having now. It is important that you always keep debris and build-up from getting into your pipes in order to avoid having any bursts cracks, and/or clogs in the future.

Relining the pipes:

 This is where we give you new pipes, but in reverse of the usual way, as it will be done from the inside out. We also are able to line any existing pipes by using a sleeve for preventing cracks. We would first clean the pipe, next, we would be applying the lining, which will take a couple of hours of drying time.


 When the sewer-line is damaged it might be necessary to put in a new sewer pipe by running it through the older pipe. It takes a technique that consist of using hydraulics and breaking the old pipe apart, and replacing it with the new pipe.

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Replacement Of The Sewer-Line:

When a repair cannot be done, the next step is to do a replacement, which we would need to schedule a time for that. We will explain to you the different options you have and going over the issue at hand with you in a clear and precise matter, letting you know exactly how we will be fixing it. You do not need to worry about being over charged or sold unneeded products throughout the replacement process. We will be professional, and recommend a line replacement that is going to fit within a budget that you will be able to afford.

In addition, we use a better method for trench less sewer repair and replacement and it does not consist of destroying your landscape or lawn. The method that we use is more cost effective. Our professionals have repaired and replaced hundreds of sewer-lines, they work diligently in order to help you save your money, as well as your time, by quickly getting the job done. Feel free to call us for a free estimate on a sewer line repair and/or replacement. Schedule your services in Mesa, AZ or the surrounding area today by simply calling 480-ONE-CALL.


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