If you are searching for “Sewer Line Repair & Replacement Gilbert” your home or business has probably experienced some kind of back up. One Call Services proudly to offers Gilbert residents plumbing services and the surrounding cities in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area.

  1. If you have had cracked sewer pipes:
  2. Sewer-line damage – Common Causes:
  3. Learn what the signs of a broken pipe are:
  4. The most common signs that your pipe is broken:
  5. What is the reason that pipes burst or crack?
  6. Solutions for broken sewer-line:
  7. Replacement of the sewer-line:

One call service:

We offer sewer line replacement and repair in Maricopa, Laveen and all of the greater Phoenix, Arizona.

Our experienced and trusted plumbing experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you have had cracked sewer pipes:

If you happen to have a cracked sewer pipe, then you know that it can be expensive to repair and it can cause serious as well as costly property damage, which could lead to health risks. Luckily, One Call Services are a local source of quality plumbing services. Being a sewer pipe expert, we are willing to be available 24/7 to take your calls.

Start by calling (480) One-Call: We will begin by giving you a free sewer line replacement or repair estimate at one of our locations.

Common Causes for sewer line damage:

  • Clay pipers will become brittle, and crack in various areas if it hasn’t been installed correctly.
  • ABS/PVC plastic pipe may crack if the water temperature exceeds the rated limits for the material.
  • Cast iron pipes can have corrosion, rust and then end up with a pipe breakdown.

Usually, any pipe, no matter the material can break due to inner or outer/ground water pressure.

Knowing the signs of broken pipes:

  • If you have begun to worry about tree roots that may be destroying the lateral?
  • Or do you feel that you have a busted pipe?
  • Is your property beginning to collect sewage?

Don’t wait, call us today! We will fix any cracked, broken, deformed or collapsed sewer pipes in a fast and efficient manner. However, it may be easy to tell if you have serious pipe issues, but there are some cases where it isn’t obvious.

Common signs of broken pipes:

  • Strange gurgling noises coming from the toilet
  • Lack of water in the toilet
  • Slow draining tub or it fails to drain at all
  • Noticeable sewage backup in the toilet or tub
  • Sewer odor in the basement, yard or parts of your property

If you have these issues, then it is time for you to schedule a sewer line repair or replacement. Call One Call Services at (480) One-Call.

Why do pipes crack and burst?

  • Lack of or poor maintenance
  • Build-up of grease, oil, debris, hair, toilet paper, sludge, etc.
  • Tree roots plugging joints/holes
  • Regular ground freezing and thawing
  • Heavy construction nearby, nearby earth movement, earthquakes, etc.
  • Wear and tear from age
  • Poor sewer pipe installation, design and/or layout
  • Backup from the city sewer line

Broken sewer line solutions

Sewer line and plumbing repair experts will assess the damage and cracks. Although the sewer system and property are unique, there may be basic issues that can be fixed with a repair.

These Sewer issues do include:

Bursting: If the line has been damaged, there may be a need for a new sewer pipe through the old one. This type of technique is done by using hydraulics to break up the damaged pipe and replace it with the new one.

Preventative maintenance:

This is vital to help to prevent any damage to the sewer lines to being with. Having a regular inspection as well as drain cleaning services, will allow you to keep build-up and debris out of the pipes to avoid clogs, bursts, or cracks.

Pipe relining: This technique allows us to replace old pipes with new ones from inside out. We will also be able to line the existing pipes with a sleeve to help prevent cracks. First the pipe is cleaned, then a lining is applied, which hardens in hours.

For a free sewer line replacement or repair estimate:

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Replacement Of The Sewer-Line:

Sewer Line Replacement

If line repair isn’t possible, then you can schedule for a line replacement. We will take our time to explain the options to you, review the issue, and show you how it will be fixed. You can trust that we will meet your needs and try not to oversell you on unnecessary items during the replacement. We will only recommend a line replacement if it falls within your needs and budget.

Additionally, we offer a trenchless sewer replacement and repair which are better than the traditional methods and it will not destroy your lawn or landscaping. It is also a more cost efficient method. We have replaced and repaired hundreds of lines and will work hard to save you money and time for your sewer line repair.



If you are looking for an efficient and trustworthy plumbing company valley wide, look no further than One Call Plumbing Services. For over 20 years, we have been providing world-class service for individuals, families, and businesses throughout our community.

We are always courteous towards our customers and respectful of our workspace, and you can rest-assured that if you hire us, your job will be handled the right way, the first time.


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If you are searching for “Sewer Line Repair & Replacement Gilbert” your home or business has probably experienced some kind of back up. One Call Services proudly to offers Gilbert residents plumbing services and the surrounding cities in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area.