If you’re searching for Reverse Osmosis Systems or “RO Systems” in Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale or any other city in the valley, One Call Plumbing can help!  One Call Plumbing Services offers Reverse Osmosis System Installation & Reverse Osmosis System Repair.   We are proud to offer the Ultima VII Reverse Osmosis system to our neighbors and friends in the Phoenix Valley.  If you’ve got questions about reverse osmosis or want to go ahead with getting it installed please call 480-663-2255.

What Is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis is a technology that’s used to cleanse water by removing the vast majority of contaminants. It is done by channeling the water through a semi-permeable membrane under higher pressure.

Osmosis is a phenomenon that occurs naturally and is one of the most vital processes in nature.  It is defined by weaker saline solutions natural tendency to migrate to strong saline solutions.  Our bodies even utilize osmosis when our kidneys absorb water from our blood.  Using this water cleansing technology in your home will make the drinking water in your kitchen cleaners and delicious.

Reverse Osmosis System In Mesa, Phoenix & Scottsdale

Reverse Osmosis Systems Mesa

One Call Plumbing is proud to offer reverse osmosis system installation in the Phoenix Valley.  From Mesa and Gilbert to Scottsdale and Phoenix our plumbing professionals are ready to install your reverse osmosis system in your home or office.  You can enjoy the cleanest drinking water imaginable and do away with the cost and stacks of water bottles.

Reverse Osmosis Systems Installation

Installing a RO system will help keep particles out of your water, including mercury, lead, iron, chloride, aluminum, pesticide residue and arsernic. RO systems are meant to improve the quality of the water and the taste. One Call Plumbing Services offers reverse osmosis system installation to all areas of the Phoenix Metropolitan area, including Phoenix, Mesa & Scottsdale.

Reverse Osmosis Systems Repair

If your RO system is has a noisy drain, slow flow of water, a constantly running system, a leaky faucet or bad taste/color of water, you may need to get your RO system repaired. One Call Plumbing Services offers professional RO system repair throughout the Phoenix, Arizona Valley to get your system up and running again with clean, great tasting drinking water.

How Do RO Systems Work?

RO systems use a high pressure pump to increase pressure on the RO system’s salt side and forces the water across a semi-permeable reverse osmosis membrane, leaving behind around 95-99% of dissolved salts in the reject system.

RO systems don’t use standard filtration, they use cross filtration, meaning the contaminants are not collect by the filter media. In cross filtration RO systems, the solution crosses the filter, or passes through the filter, with 2 outlets; The contaminated water goes one way and the filter water goes another way.

Ultima VII Reverse Osmosis System Details

The Ultima VII reverse osmosis system is a five-stage under sink reverse osmosis system.  It utilizes 3 drop in cartridge pre-filters, the reverse osmosis membrane, and an inline post filter.  This 5-stage reverse osmosis process removes sediment and chemicals from the water being supplied by the city’s water system.  You’ll have fresh clean great tasting water that keeps you and your family healthier.


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Reverse Osmosis Water Benefits

Improves Taste Of Water

The water coming into homes many times has an odor, offensive taste, and even the water can have enough sediment or contaminants that it will have a color. Reverse osmosis removes these contaminants leaving you with nothing but color and odor free water that tastes great!

Cleaner Water & Healthier Living

As your reverse osmosis removes pollutants from your drinking water it will leave your water cleaner and your family healthier.  Some of the pollutants common in city water supplies that reverse osmosis removes are: sulfates, pesticides, bacteria, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, arsenic, and many more.

Reverse Osmosis Saves Money

We’ve all seen people cramming bunches of bottled water into their shopping carts and hefting them home.  Everyone wants clean drinking water in their homes and reverse osmosis removes the need to buy heavy bricks of water as part of your weekly grocery shopping!  Best of all you don’t have to lug the water in from your car.

Simple Design & Maintenance

The best designs and technology just work and usually have as few moving parts as possible. With less to wear out these reverse osmosis systems need very little maintenance.  They are simple and easy to keep operating by periodically changing the filters once a year and membrane every two years.  Apart from that a reverse osmosis system is “set it and forget it”.

Schedule A Free Reverse Osmosis System Consultation

If you’d love having cleaner water for drinking and cooking in your home we are just One Call away.  One Call Plumbing has decades of experience in plumbing and offers the exceptional quality Ultima VII reverse osmosis system.  If you’re curious and want to read more about reverse osmosis water benefits, click here.  Allow us to install your reverse osmosis system at your Phoenix Valley home or office and start enjoying cleaner delicious water that keeps you healthier.  Kick the bottled water habit, save money, and reduce your waste with a reverse osmosis system today!




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If you’re searching for Reverse Osmosis Systems or “RO Systems” in Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale or any other city in the valley, One Call Plumbing can help! One Call Plumbing Services offers Reverse Osmosis System Installation & Reverse Osmosis System Repair.