If you are searching for “Leaking Pipes Repair“, “Plumbing Leak Repair“, “Plumbing Leak“, “Pipe Leak“, “Slab Leak“, “Leak Detection“, “Leak Detection Services Near Me” or “Water Leak Detection“, in Mesa, Gilbert or Chandler because you think you have a water leak problem, One Call Plumbing Services can help! We offer professional water leak detection and repair services for residential and commercial properties.  Call immediately if you think there’s a leak because it could be the last warning sign on your way to a burst pipe and serious repairs to your home.  Call  480-ONE-CALL (663-2255) now for emergency service or to schedule your leak detection services!

Do I Have A Plumbing Leak?

Are you noticing that your water bill is getting higher but you aren’t using more water? Do you hear sounds of running water when you know you turned off all of the taps? Are you noticing mold or mildew? Do you have water damaged walls or flooring? If you can answer yes to any of the above questions, you could benefit from our water leak detection and repair services.

Catching leaks early is critical to the condition and value of your home in Mesa, or anywhere in the Phoenix Valley.  Water damage isn’t just about waiting for things to dry out.  Water left to settle can result in mold or mildew in your home.  A broken pipe will leak into walls and floors ruining your drywall, hardwood floors, carpet, and anything that gets wet from a leaking or broken pipe in your home.  If it’s on the second floor the risk of damage is even higher.  Call as soon as you notice a leak or suspect there is one in your home!

Leaking Pipes Repair Mesa

Plumbing Leak Detection & Repair Services

Leak Detection Services Mesa

Whether you are checking for leaks proactively, or you know there’s a leak and you cannot locate it, the plumbers at One Call Services can help. Water leaks might seem like small, mild annoyances, but they can cost hundreds of dollars in destruction when they aren’t dealt with early. Water accruing in hard-to-reach places can also result in mildew or mold buildup, making water leak detection a crucial part of plumbing maintenance. We can detect water leaks no matter where they are in your home. If you think you have a water leak, don’t wait another second, give One Call Plumbing Services a call today for immediate detection and repair services.

Leaking Pipes Detection & Repair In Mesa

One Call Plumbing Services offers affordable leaking pipes detection and repair services to help Mesa homeowners and business owners find their pipe leak and fix it fast. The longer your water pipes stays leaking, the more money you will have to pay in water bills.

Leaking Pipe Detection

Sometimes homeowners know where the leak is coming from and sometimes they don’t. When you know you have a pipe leak but don’t know or can’t see where, we can help with our leaky pipe detection services.

Leaking Pipe Repair

Leaky pipes are one of the most common plumbing problems we run into. We can fix your leaky pipe fast and affordably to get your home functioning like normal again in no time. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured plumbers.

Slab Leak Detection & Repair In Mesa

One Call Plumbing Services offers professional slab leak detection and repair services to help Mesa homeowners and business owners find their leak and fix it fast. The longer your water stays leaking, the more you will have to pay in water bills.

Slab Leak Detection

No matter where your water leak is hiding, One Call Plumbing Services can find it with our expert slab leak detection equipment.

Slab Leak Repair

Once we find your slab leak we will offer a written estimate to get it repaired. Once you make the approval we fix the leak as soon as possible.

Our Service Area Includes Mesa, Gilbert & Chandler

We offer water leak detection and repair services to the Phoenix East Valley cities including Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler and surrounding cities.

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Signs That You May Have A Plumbing Leak Problem

You may need to look around to find your plumbing leak. If it is left untreated, the water leak may end up costing, more so if water damages the paint, walls and flooring.  Look for these signs to see if you need to hire a plumber to fix your pipes or fixtures before things get worse. A leaking faucet will waste 259 gallons of water a month, according to the US Department of Energy.

Mold or Mildew

No matter how often or well the bathroom is cleaned, mildew or mold can show up if there is a hidden water leak. Mold lives on dark, moist areas and pipes that are hidden under the flooring or in the wall are the best point for a mildew or mold if the pipe has a leak.

Although it is normal for a bit of mildew to happen when the water accumulates, like in a shower corner, but mildew or mold on a non-shower wall or in corners of your bathroom is a sign that you have a water leak. A leaking pipe gives plenty of moisture, so the longer it takes you to find and fix the leak, the faster and easier it is for mold to grow.

Damaged Flooring

Unless you are letting water sit on the floor, flooring will rarely suffer from water damage unless there is a leak. If the bathroom floor is beginning to buckle, crack, or stain for no reason, then you could have a leak. The water could be from a pipe under the flooring, or it could have come from another area.

Depending on your flooring types, moisture could make if feel soft or spongy. Tile may become loose, which allows you to remove it and see if there is moisture or water underneath it. You will also find a damp subfloor.

Issues caused by a leak can go beyond water damage.

Stains on the ceiling

If your bathroom is on the second floor, you could find a leak under the bathroom by looking at the ceiling. Check the ceiling below the bathroom for signs of water damage or stains. Because water travels, it is possible to find water stains on the ceiling further down.

The occasional wet floor won’t cause leakage to actually damage anything under it. Any copper, brown, or dark stain on the ceiling is a water leak. Ceiling that are sagging is also a sign that water is reaching that area.

Damaged Wallpaper or Paint

A wall that has blistering wallpaper or paint is another sign of a leak.

In many cases, the steam from a hot shower shouldn’t cause wallpaper or paint to come loose. When moisture and water get between the wall and paint, it removes the bond and begins to separate them which causes the paint to fall from the wall. The same for wallpaper. The adhesive for the paper becomes less sticky and the paper will fall off.

Damaged Walls

Walls that are stained or warped without a reason, is one sign that you have a leak.

Whenever drywall becomes exposed to the moisture, it will start to bubble and get soft, which causes warping and breaking into pieces. If the leak goes to the ceiling, it will cause it to sag and leak water.

In order to fix this leak, a plumber will need to tear out the drywall, which requires someone to come in and patch and paint whenever they are done.

Smells from old, gathered water

Accumulated and old water from a leaky pipe will smell.  Water that stagnates has a smell of its own and the building materials in your home or business do not react well to constantly moist conditions caused by leaking plumbing.  You might smell it near outlets, vent’s or other fixtures set in your walls.  If you’re noticing an odor of stagnant water don’t wait for it to develop into mildew or mold, give the experts at leak detection a call.  We will find the spot that water is collecting and the source of the leak.

Got A Water Leak? Get A Free Estimate Today!

Our professional trained plumbers can come assess your residential or commercial property quickly and fine the leak in no time.  Our highly trained team is as friendly as they are professional and will treat your home with all the respect it deserves as they perform their tasks to find and fix your water leak in Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, or Tempe.  Get a water leak detection estimate by giving One Call Plumbing Services a call today at 480-ONE-CALL (663-2255) or by filling out our estimate form.



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If you are searching for "Leaking Pipes Repair", "Plumbing Leak Repair", "Plumbing Leak", "Pipe Leak", "Slab Leak", "Leak Detection", "Leak Detection Services Near Me" or "Water Leak Detection", in Mesa, Gilbert or Chandler because you think you have a water leak problem, One Call Plumbing Services can help!