How to Fix a Leak From the Upstairs Bathroom

Are you searching for “upstairs shower leaking through ceiling”? If so, hopefully this page should help you diagnose where the problem is coming from, offer advice and provide a professional plumbing service to help if you can’t figure the problem out yourself. One Call Plumbing Services offers affordable leak detection services in Mesa to help fix leaky plumbing problems upstairs or downstairs.

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Water that is dripping from your ceiling is never a good.

A continuous drip or damp spot on your ceiling is a sign of trouble. If you happen to have a second story bathroom, the issue could be in the water supply line or in a fixture drain. Fixing the leak may be complicated like cutting out pieces of the ceiling to replace the drainpipe fittings or it may be simple such as replacing the sink trap. Locating the leak is the hardest part.

Types of Plumbing Leaks

If the leak shows up as damp spot that dries and occurs a lot, it is the drain line. If there is a constantly wet area, or it continuously drips then the problem is a water supply line.

Narrow it down

Check easy access points first. This includes the supply lines to your sink and toilet, the wax ring under the toilet and the sink trap. In most cases, the leak will be at a connection point where the supply lines connect or at a connector joint in the drainpipe. For a water supply leak, run your fingers over the lines to see which one is wet. For a trap leak, turn the water on and check the drain trap for a leak. A leaking wax ring may not show on the floor, but it is a cheap fix. If you can’t find a leak anywhere else, replace the wax ring. Once you remove the toilet, you will see dampness around the flange where it was leaking.

Hidden Leaks

Your shower should have a removable access panel, it is sometimes located behind the shower wall, but drains and the main drainpipe will be under the shower. If you have eliminated other causes of the leaks, the next step is to cut out a small access hole in the ceiling. Cut the section where you have seen evidence of a leak. If the drainpipe connection is right above, you will be in luck. Unfortunately, water can travel downwards then drip a low point. If the leak isn’t right above the wet spot, then you may have cut more ceiling out, flowing the drainpipe, until you find the leak.

Fixing water supply leaks

There are some cases that the fitting between the fixture and water supply line are loose and you can tighten it up. Sometimes the washer in the fitting is worn and you can remove it to put a new one in to stop the leak. If that doesn’t fix the issue, then it is time to replace the whole fitting. Shut your water off, remove the fitting and find a matching replacement. Different lines will require different installation methods, so ensure that you have the right tools before installing your fitting.

Fixing drainpipe leaks

Many drainpipes are made of white PVC or black ABS. Some traps will be brass or chrome, but it is important to purchase parts of the same time, dimension and configuration. Remove old fittings and take them with you to compare. Removing and replacing fittings depends on your pipe type. ABS and PVC require a special glue and primer to attach fittings. Other types of pipe may need plumbing tape or washers to hold them securely. The store associates can help you find the right supplies.


There are times where the leak isn’t coming from the bathroom. Before you cut the ceiling, check that the rubber boot on the vent stack is still sealing. If there is dampness after a rain, then it could be leaking and traveling down. Or it could be a window that is leaking and there is water is traveling down the framing.

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If you are need assistance fixing your plumbing leak in Mesa, call One Call Plumbing today.  Letting pipes, toilets, sinks, or other areas of your home leak only leads to more damage and higher cost to repair.  If you have found a leak the sooner you call and the sooner it is repaired, the better. Don’t delay hoping the problem will just fix itself. Give us One Call and we will be out to your home or business to fix your leaking plumbing. 

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