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Leaks Under Kitchen Sinks Can Lead To Serious Damage 

It is recommended that you clear out under the sink regularly, and give yourself chance to ensure that there aren’t any plumbing leaks under the bathroom or kitchen sink.

If you happen to find a leak, call us right away! Even a small leak, if left for a long time, can cause corrosion to the pipes as well as rot or damage to the framing and base of the cabinets, wall, and cause mildew or mold issues.

We Can Find Leaks You Can’t See With Your Eyes 

With out leak detection technology, we can electronically find and locate underground sewer leaks, gas leaks, leaks behind walls, water leaks, and slab leaks. Our electronic leak detection tests will take us right to the water source. That is good news, as it means that we can find a leak without having to be invasive or destructive to your home, which makes the job easier, affordable, and efficient. It doesn’t matter if the leak is in the foundation, wall, drain line, or ceiling, we can repair it and get your home back to normal. Once we find the problem, we will isolate it and repair it, and you get to be leak free.

Common Leaks Found in Mesa

Leak Under Kitchen Sink MesaWater leaks and dripping  faucets in Mesa will waste money and water. The smallest drip and water leak can be repaired. A slow drip can waste around 20 gallons of water daily. Most water leaks are easy to fix while some may need a plumber. Call us today so our plumbers can come help you with your leak.

These are the best places to find water leaks are:

  • Hose bib spigot: where you connect your water hose
  • Shower valve: located inside the wall of the shower
  • P-traps: The U shaped pipe under the sink
  • Bathroom and Kitchen faucet angle stops: The valve under the sink and behind the toilet
  • Washing machine supply hose: located behind the dish washer and clothes washer

Call Us For Leak Detection Services

5 Star Plumber Reviews In Mesa:The gentleman that did our repairs, Todd, was a very informative plumber, who seem to be very knowledgeable, of his area of expertise. gave us some very helpful information which we used to locate the type of sink and faucet we wanted to place in our kitchen. When it came time to replace the old bad sink he showed how well he knew his job. All the while explaining what was being done and would be done next. We also learned how very poorly the original sink and garbage disposal had been put in in the first place. I would certainly recommend this company and in particular, Todd, to anyone if they are in need of a plumber.Sandi R.

One Call Plumbing Services are experts with the latest leak detection technology in Mesa, Arizona. You can be assured that we will find the leak quickly in your home, make the needed repairs with a final price, and never at a cost you won’t like. Honest, affordable, fast plumbers in Mesa are just One Call Away. Give us a call today at 480-ONE-CALL (663-2255).

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Are you searching for “leak under kitchen sink” in Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert or anywhere else in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area while looking for plumbing/sink repair services?